Sprinkler Repairs

MJ’s Sprinklers and Fences is the best choice for dependable repair work on all brands.

Our knowledgeable technicians perform sprinkler repairs exclusively for residential you're guaranteed to receive personalized service.

From broken and damaged spray and rotor heads to worn out timers...we can handle it all and cal also diagnose and fix leaks in underground valves or piping. 

We will take the time to answer any questions you might have about work being done as well as offer suggestions on ways to improve or upgrade your existing system.

Give us a call today at'll see why we've earned so many repeat and referral customers over the years!

Our Services Include:
•Sprinkler head repairs & adjustments
•Repair leaking heads
•Repair bad or leaking valves
•Repair valves that are stuck on or won't turn on
•Install new pop-up heads or rotors
•Controller adjustment or repair
•Locate lost valves/zones

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