Frequently Asked Questions


How much do you charge to come out and repair my sprinkler system?

• Our minimum service call fee for most of the Oklahoma City metro is $75.

• Includes Edmond, Bethany, Mustang, Yukon, Moore, Norman, Del City, Midwest City, Choctaw, and Piedmont.

• Call if unsure

What is meant by "minimum service call fee?"

• It’s the minimum we charge to visit your property, whether we are there fifteen minutes or one hour. After one hour, we charge our regular hourly rate, which is $65 for one technician or $85 for a two-man crew. We are generally able to fix most problems within the service call.

• Service Call includes irrigation system inspection, diagnosis and tune-up.

• *** If the overall cost of repair exceeds $200 you will be given a quote. ***

If you do the repair in an hour and a half, will I get charged for two hours?

• You will be pro rated for an hour and a half.

• service call $75

• extra labor $32

• parts (costs are based on job)

How much are the parts that I need to repair my system going to cost me?

Pop-Up Sprays
Sprinkler Head 4” pop-up Spray (Hunter or Rainbird) $7
Sprinkler Head 6" pop-up Spray (Hunter or Rainbird) $15 Sprinkler Head 12" pop-up Spray (Hunter or Rainbird) $20 Sprinkler Spray Nozzle $3

Sprinkler Rotor
Sprinkler Rotor 4" (Hunter or Rainbird) $25
Sprinkler Rotor 6" (Hunter or Rainbird) $35
Sprinkler Controller
4 Station Sprinkler Controller Rain bird ESP-4ME $170 5-7 Station Sprinkler Controller ESP + 3 Station Module $200 5-11 Station sprinkler Controller ESP + 6 Station Module $220

Sprinkler Control Valve

Locating a Sprinkler Valve $15

Valve (Hunter or Rainbird) $35

Backflow Preventer $95

***All prices on parts DOES NOT include service call.***

If something is not on our price list, we can estimate a price for it - just ask!

Call 405-200-3983 For More Info Or To Request An Estimate